One important goal of the DVCC is PREVENTION.

The immaturity and inexperience of many teens can make it hard for them to spot the signs of a dangerous relationship. They are new to interpersonal relationship communication skills and sometimes don’t know how to express their strong and ever-changing emotions effectively. By teaching them how to interact in a healthy and respectful way, we seek to help them understand the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. In addition, we’re helping kids who are living with DV in their family home learn how to get help and break the cycle of violence in the future.

To help our youth start the conversation on abuse, the DVCC hosts a number of Teen Rallies on Healthy Relationships each year. These fun pep rallies feature music, food, prizes, entertainment, and games all surrounding a message of healthy vs unhealthy relationships. Hosted by WCTV’s Shonda Knight and featuring celebrities and popular athletes, kids flock to these events with participants numbering as high as 190! At these Teen Rallies, we begin the conversation and then encourage kids to follow our social media as well as become Certified Peer Advisors. Shortly after each rally, the Certified Peer Advisor training is offered at the site so that these teens may in turn help others in their peer groups.

  • Basketball Shootout Trophies
  • Lincoln High School Cheerleaders lend a hand
  • Basketball 3 point Shootout Team
  • Winners of the Basketball Shootout!
  • Chiles Cheerleaders join the fun!